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Director's Welcome


We are partnering with families in the community and the church in educating students in Biblical beliefs, evangelical Christian values and principles, training students in moral character, and providing quality education in service to God and others

Anatoliy Shurkhay, Principal

Mission Statement

Christian Heritage School’s mission is to provide a quality education, through a rigorous and challenging academic program designed to prepare students to be productive members of society. We are collaborating with families and the church to support Biblical beliefs and evangelical Christian values, encouraging students in their development of moral character and an altruistic attitude.

Meet Our Teachers

Valentina Rulinsky, Nursery.JPG
Valentina Rulinsky


Alla Viktorovich, Kindergarten.JPG
Alla Viktorovich


Dominike Lyubezhanin

1st Grade

Alina Tymoshenko

2nd Grade

Roza Simonchyk

3rd Grade

Svetlana Myalik

4th Grade

Vasilina Boyko, Reading & Social Studies
Yana Shurkhay

5th Grade

David Romanenya

Biblical Studies & Social Studies 

Vasilina Boyko

Reading, Language Arts, English 

Natalya Kachanovich

Middle & High School Mathematics

Valeria Haroshka


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